Team - Project Contingency - A Halo Fan Game



Mike, Team Lead and 3D Artist: Mike is an excellent lead with a tenacity for learning and pushing the team to reach the highest possible quality. Along with leading the team overall, Mike leads the 3D Art team.

3D Artists:

Mootjuh - Environment / Forerunner Art Lead: With experience as a civil architect, Mootjuh creates beautiful high quality landscapes with extreme precision and beautiful realism. His understanding of city planning brings deeper consideration to map design.

Master Noob - Covenant Art Lead: A skilled artist with an extreme attention to detail and near mastery of his craft. Master Noob, despite the name, is amongst the most talented members of the team, creating works of art that set an extremely high bar for the rest of the team. His knack for polish is almost unparalleled.

P3 - Environment Artist: P3 specializes in forerunner art, making unique designs that stays faithful to the forerunner designs that inspired shock and awe. An ever capable artist as he also contributes to the UNSC set pieces.

Nick Melton - Weapon Artist: The designer of many of our UNSC pieces, from weapons to vehicles, and modular construction.

Martin Carlsson - Weapon / Prop Artist: A well trained modeler armed with a super computer. Martin makes UNSC weapons.

2D Artists:

Lavadeeto - Art Director / UNSC Art Lead: With years of experience in UI design, and an ever growing expanse of ideas, Lavadeeto helps to maintain our aesthetic stylings of the game, as well as create some of the more interesting designs for our concept artists to work with. His skill and ability to formulate criticism into a source of power is nearly unparalleled.

Falchion - Concept Artist: Our premiere character concept artist designs a lot of the armors we see in the game, as well as UNSC architecture and more. His ability in shaping interesting forms brings out the uniqueness in our art.

Xtralaos - Concept Artist: An excellent concept artist with an eye for detail, whose quick sketches help the 3D artists cling to the art design.

Ikki Day - Concept Artist: An excellent artist who paints unique concepts quickly for all of the above. His acuity in design makes him an essential part of the visual aspect of the team.

Xander Apelman - UI Designer: The newest member to our team , still in training, but bringing indisputable artistic skill in designing emblems, art, and our HUD elements. Part of his task is defining the symbolism of the game,


R93 Sniper, Community Manager and Animation Lead: R93 is the . His first is the coordination and design of all the animations we use. His experience with the engine benefits him while he insures the quality of all animations..

ODX - First Person Animator: Known for his extensive years in the Halo Custom Edition community, ODX brings his amazing attention to detail and efficient workflow to the animation team.

Sound Designers:

Matt Ryan - Sound Design Lead: Having worked with major companies such as Electronic Arts, Matt Ryan is a skilled artisan of auditory design. His job is to create all the sound effects for the game, from the sound of footsteps, to swaying wind, down to chunky gun blasts with every pull of the trigger.

Fernando Pepe - Composer: Fernando is probably one of more well known members, his musical score being a true example of auditory perfection. Along with creating a nearly unbelievable score, Fernando is one of the most enjoyable people to work with, his enthusiasm for creating music preceding him.


Caton Barrett - Programming Team Lead: Caton has the system design experience to build an entire game engine himself. Not that he would, but he’s certainly overqualified.

Cobby - Engine Specialist: A Multi-Faceted specialist with formal education and knowledge in game design, Cobby is our go-to member for most if not all things concerning the Unreal Engine.

Dustin Roden - Programmer: Currently working on vehicle implementation, Dustin has proven himself to be an effective user of the Unreal Engine.

Ayoub Chouak - Programmer: Ayoub implemented our grenade system and worked on a few other projects, always trying to help the team despite his difficult schedule.

Caspar Neervoort “AssaultCommand” - Website Designer: The guy who implemented this brand new, beautiful website. He is highly talented in programming and art.

Clark Melton - Website Designer: Our previous website designer. He is an honorary team member who always worked with his schedule to help us manage the website.

Matt Thompson - Programmer: A great programmer with experience in unreal Engine and the advanced network programming.