FAQ - Project Contingency - A Halo Fan Game


Q: What is Project Contingency?

A: Project Contingency is a Fan Made Halo game being made on Unreal Engine 4. We aim to deliver the best Halo experience on PC that stays true to the series that we love.

Q: Is This Project Legal?

A: Yes it is completely legal! Microsoft has put up a set of guidelines (that you can read here) for making projects like these. We are respecting these guidelines and ensuring that we do not violate any.

Q: On release, how much will this game cost?

A: Absolutely Nothing! Project Contingency will always be 100% free with no strings attached.

Q: When will the game be released?

A: Unfortunately it is too early to say. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to create this game. However, we cannot receive funding for the game, and as a result, many of our members have other responsibilities to make ends meet.

Q: Will there be an Alpha/Beta test?

A: We are uncertain at this time as to if, or rather when, an Alpha or Beta test will occur. As of June 2016 we are in a Pre-Alpha state, and any news about an Alpha or Beta test, be it open or closed, will be announced on our website.

Q: Where are you getting the game assets from?

A: We are creating our game assets completely from scratch. We are not using any ripped or stolen assets from any sources. As a note to anyone attempting to join the team; submission of any ripped or stolen assets (anything from the official games or not yours) will result in immediate expulsion from the team. This is about creativity and expression, not stealing content!

Q: Is “Contingency” just a codename or the final name of your project?

A: Project Contingency is simply a codename for our project, the final name will be announced at a later date.

Q: Why did you switch from CryEngine 3?

A: We have many reasons as to why we switched. However, to sum it up briefly: Unreal Engine 4 provides us with better tools to create the game we envisioned.

Q: Will this game have Campaign, Multiplayer, Firefight, Warzone, or Etc?

A: While we would love to incorporate other gameplay types, we are currently only supporting a multiplayer environment. This may change post-release but we currently do not have plans for anything other than multiplayer.